Give me all the (post-apocalyptic) books

I mostly lurk but I'm trying to write reviews of books.

The Kite of Stars and Other Stories

The Kite of Stars and Other Stories - Dean Francis Alfar The book took me back to some of the tales I grew up with in the Philippines. Dean Francis Alfar modernized those myths and told me more stories I hadn't heard but wished I'd known as a child. Maybe I would've been a little more proud, a little more patriotic.

Every time I thought I knew where the story was going I didn't. Maybe because the characters felt a little more fallen and resigned but not without hope and definitely without remorse. I loved it.

The more nuanced take on the long term effects of colonization were refreshing because it happened and it changed us and now what. How does it affect the stories we tell each other and even our sense of identity?

With that said, some of the stories did not stick to me. That's okay, because the others linger on.